You & Me is a Wedding Venue Finder with a difference; I blog about the venue with big images, real weddings, features in top wedding blogs and videos to try and give you the most comprehensive view of the venue.



You’re about to start an important journey and on that list of ‘to do’s’ is finding a venue.  You & Me is here to make finding a wedding venue a little more enjoyable.  On You & Me you will find some cracking venues with either no minimum number requirements or that cater to small & intimate weddings.  In Venue Type you’ll find everything from homely mansions in Big House to a barge in Something Different.  Along the way you’ll get inspiration from real weddings at the venue to give you a feel for how fun your day will be.  You can see what couples had to say via Wedding Blogs like Love My Dress, Rock My Wedding, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.  If you’re really lucky there’ll even be a cute film of the venue. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without some Decoration Inspiration.

If this is all too much and you don’t have time to look or you just can’t look anymore then get in touch and I can find the venue of your dreams for you via my Venue Search Service.

I’ll make sure all venues are kept up to date with the latest real weddings and information so you don’t end up disappointed.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for four or a banquet for forty You & Me will bring you wonderful independent venues where you can celebrate with your nearest and dearest or maybe it will just be “You & Me”

& ME


I’m Sarah Treasure and the seed for You & Me was sown when I was looking for venues for my own wedding in 2013.  Opting to have a small wedding with immediate family and close friends I found it hard to find a venue that catered to small weddings.  I visited about thirty venues, but many had a minimum number of 50 guests…….I had 47.  Supplements,  invite more guests, change the day, change the style of venue.  These were a few of the compromises I was faced with.  I felt like giving up because I just couldn’t face making another call to a venue to find out I didn’t have enough people!  My persistence paid off and I stumbled across the perfect venue.  They are out there.  I will find them.

While I’m not finding wonderful venues I’m managing the Outlet and Lifestyle Stores for Miss Bush Bridalwear, being a Mum (yes I’m one of those!) and a Wife.  I’ve had my dream job which was a Visual Merchandiser for Sir Philip Green’s the Arcadia Group.  I then realised I’m a bit of a geek and have been in Data Marketing for 15 years.  Now here I am stumbling in to the world of weddings! You can read about that transition here.  If I’m not working you’ll find me enjoying the great outdoors.

Between adding new venues you’ll probably see a few blog posts on things I’m passionate about so you can get to know me a little better.

Sarah x

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