My Wedding Loves

Over the last few months I have been sharing all my wedding loves over on my Instagram account.  Everything from bouquets to wedding décor and overall style.  The culmination of this has to be the dress.When I was getting married I thought I did a lot of research into designers, but my eyes have really been opened to an incredible array of designers since I have been doing this blog.  From couture to small start ups I can assure you if your dream dress hasn’t already been made there is a designer out there who can make that dream a reality.  I have the privilege of working for Miss Bush Bridalwear and seeing the great edit Emma Meek, MD has put together of some British greats to Spanish wonders.  But it has also been through wedding blogs like Love My Dress, Rock My Wedding and Rock n Roll Bride that I have found so many amazing designers I’ll have to renew my vows every year.

The style I’m most drawn to is definitely Bohemian/Ethereal so  I’m quite excited to see dresses from Grace Loves Lace, Yolan Cris, Samuelle Couture, and whenever I’m at Miss Bush I’m swooning over the latest Jesús Pieró additions.

Here’s a run down of all my other wedding loves.

FLORAL BRIDESMAID DRESSES // wedding love no.3 is floral bridesmaid dresses. I knew when I first saw the @tedbaker dresses (top left) I had to have them. They were everything I wanted in a bridesmaid dress including the soft Spring colours. I'm certainly drawn to weddings that feature a floral number, whether it's vintage, designer or high street I think they look fab and can be a great starting point if you're unsure of what colour theme you'd like. Plus they're very much a wear again dress for bridesmaids. If that's what you're thinking you'd like then @ASOS @tedbaker @etsy are usually a great source. #bridesmaid #weddingwednesday #wedding #instadaily #instawedding #floraldress #weddinginspiration #weddingplanning

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RUSTIC // if I could some up the style of wedding I love the most in one word it would be "rustic". My Grandma often comments on how my wedding reminded her of how weddings used to be. No fuss (though it had taken me almost a full year to collect the trinkets for the table!) a simple setting, seasonal flowers, straight forward food, good drink, family and friends and our love. Though there is hard work behind every wedding, big or small, I am most drawn to, enjoy reading and looking at rustic weddings. Everything about them; the flowers, the decoration, the outfits, the setting it's all just right up my street. It's not a show it's about friends and family coming together to watch two people in love marry and to celebrate that. Image Credit Naomi Kenton.

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I’d really love for anyone reading this to share their wedding loves with me.  There are so many different styles and tastes out there so lets have a look!

Use the hashtag #Myweddingloves on Instagram, Use a collage to pull your ideas together and I’ll Regram.

Sarah x



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