Summer Colour Inspiration

We may be in June but Summer hasn’t quite arrived yet.  That hasn’t stopped me from pulling together my Summer inspiration boards though……and looking forward to my British Summer holiday.  I laugh in the face of the British weather.

With summer I think anything goes really.  You have the full spectrum of colours available to you in terms of flowers and with the weather being what it is you can probably get away with pastels, brights and neutrals.  To this end I have drawn inspiration from my venues for this season.


I try to steer clear of following fashion when it comes to my inspiration boards and go with what flowers are in season instead.  However……..I do quite like the botanical theme that has hit the highstreet.  Ever the fan of Ted Baker floral dresses I have used these as a point of reference for the touches of colour in this theme.  I’ve gone with a vintage edge as I just love the possibility of creating eclectic table centres with little curiosities.


Field and woodland venues are hugely popular on You & Me and if there’s something the British do well it’s a picnic.  I really enjoyed putting this together as I like the laid back and intimate vibe you get from picnics which really suits the couples that visit You & Me.  Plus the thought of Welly Wanging is awesome.


This may seem like an odd choice but I like the way the interpretation of aqua can take you down the turquoise route, which really makes bright summer blooms pop, or down the mint route which is really one of my favourite wedding colours.  I also drew inspiration for my new Venue Type of Beach.

You can find the full boards over on my Pinterest:




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