Plus Two | A Personal Post

As I wind down in preparation for baby two I’ve found myself looking back on this last year.  It’s been an eventful year for me, in fact it’s not even a year yet, and one of the best years of my life; Marriage, an amazing honeymoon, finding out we were expecting another little Treasure, starting my own business, being made redundant and starting a business with Miss Bush Bridal.  It’s not even my first wedding anniversary yet!

Though I’m a natural planner and love “to do” lists, I try not to make big future plans.  Nothing has taught me more about staying in the present and enjoying moments than becoming a Mum. I try not to have expectations as that often leads to disappointment, I just hope instead.  This has certainly proved true this year what with being made redundant mid pregnancy.  But this meant I could focus on You & Me and go ahead with plans for the Miss Bush Outlet store. 

I’ve been enjoying watching my business grow, receiving so much lovely feedback from venues listed on the blog, photographers and bloggers featured.  Getting support from some well-respected wedding folk and finding there’s an awful lot of rather nice people out there in the world of weddings.  Once I’m out of the baby bubble I have lots of plans for You & Me, as if having a new addition in the Treasure household wasn’t enough to look forward to.

I’ll be keeping posts to a minimum now until the little one shows his face and a while after that, but welcome new venues to get in touch if they want to be added via the Contact You & Me page.  So until then I’d like to thank all my venues for their positive feedback, the photographers and wedding bloggers who said thanks, my supporters, those who’ve said “Hi!” on Twitter and Facebook, to all my lovely couples who come and visit and make the most of the blog and finally to Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush Bridal, for taking a punt.


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