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Whilst hunting for venues to feature on You & Me I noticed the Venue Type that was quickly filling up was Tent/Marquee. When looking for wedding venues myself I shied away from marquee’s.  They tended to remind me of the ones that people quickly erected in their garden when the “British Summer” arrived.  Little did I know that there is now a huge array of temporary structures available to couples and marquees can be made to look stunning.  When I investigated the options further I found myself asking a lot of questions.  How do you choose a structure type, what about logistics, what about heating, what do suppliers need to know?  I thought if I’m asking myself these questions and I’m not even planning a wedding with a temporary structure what sort of questions are brides and grooms asking?!  Thanks to a shout out on Twitter and a recommendation from Laura Babb of Babb Photo, Lisa Baker from Just Bespoke Wedding Planning answered my call.

Lisa has been running Just Bespoke for five years, offering luxury wedding planning to couples in London, Surrey, Essex and Kent.  Having previously worked for a leading London PR firm, executing events for travel, lifestyle and FMCG companies, Lisa is now a level two member of UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UAWP).  Described as “friendly, considered and discreet” (yes that means she’s worked with the some famous folk) Lisa is passionate about planning stylish and luxurious weddings.  I’m so pleased Lisa is sharing her expertise and years of planning experience with You & Me.  I think it’s a great addition to the blog and will really help those couples in the throes of planning a wedding or celebration in a temporary structure.  You can see some of Lisa’s work here and I’ll also be sharing some photos from recent work throughout t the week.

Over the next week I’ll be publishing the comprehensive guide Lisa has provided me with in bite sized chunks.  To start us off Lisa takes us through what exactly a temporary structure is in the world of weddings:


“If you are struggling to find your dream venue – that perfect space which accommodates your guest list (big or small) and offers flexibility for styling, catering and your other wedding day wishes – then it might be worth considering a temporary structure instead.

A temporary structure is exactly that, a pop-up venue so to speak, which is erected just before your wedding day, solely for your wedding day, and taken down once the celebrations are over.

They can be situated anywhere, but the common places where you will find temporary structures are in the grounds of a venue (e.g. hotel, stately home), in the grounds of a private residence (e.g. the couple’s home), or in a field.

Nowadays there are a number of options for temporary structure and so it is worth looking at the possibilities before we delve deeper into how you go about booking one for your big day and what you need to consider.”

You can find Lisa here:

 Web | Facebook | Twitter

you-me-venues-just-bespoke-lucy-daveport-tent you-me-venues-Just-Bespoke-Marquee Decor-Pippa-Mackenzie you-me-venues-Just-Bespoke-tent-chill-out-lucy-davenport


Here are all five parts to our Temporary Structures series:

Part 1 – Structure Types

Part 2 – The Basics

Part 3 – The Necessary Extras

Part 4 – Choosing a Supplier

Part 5 – Personalising your structure


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