Winter Colour Inspiration

The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in.  If you’re planning a winter wedding then you will probably have already started thinking about what colours you want.  Want to steer clear of the cliché Christmas explosion, that’s red and green and one too many baubals? Then these colour palette’s might just be what you’re looking for.  I always think, whatever time of year, the best colour palette’s that work are those that draw inspiration from nature and the colours of the season.

There’s one thing a winter wedding allows and that’s fairy lights, lots of candles and metallics (gold, silver, bronze).  And yes there’s a bit of  the You & Me favourite; Gold

White, Black and Gold

you-me-venues-white-gold-black-bride and groom you-me-venues-white-gold-black-cake you-me-venues-white-gold-black-decoration you-me-venues-white-gold-black-invitations you-me-venues-white-gold-black-sweet table  you-me-venues-white-gold-black-groom

you-me-venues-white-gold-black-wedding-dresses you-me-venues-white-gold-black-tableyou-me-venues-white-gold-black-bridesmaid

White & Green

you-me-venues-green-white-gold-wedding party you-me-venues-green-white-gold-table you-me-venues-green-white-gold-invitations you-me-venues-green-white-gold-groom you-me-venues-green-white-gold-decoration you-me-venues-green-white-gold-cake you-me-venues-green-white-gold-bridesmaid-biba you-me-venues-green-white-gold-bridesmaid you-me-venues-green-white-gold-bouquet

Cool Winter Shades – White, Grey and Dusky Blue

you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-tables you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-table-centre you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-party you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-invitations you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-groom you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-car you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-cake you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-bride you-me-venues-cool-colours-wedding-bouquet

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