As one door closes…….

A personal post today to mark the end of a rubbish week.

If you read my CV it looks as though I have moved seamlessly from Visual Merchandiser to Marketer into Exhibitions and back to Marketer.  What the reader doesn’t know is that my working life can pretty much be defined by the Alexander Graham Bell quote “As one door closes another opens”.  Loss of business, mergers and breakups, recession and having a baby.  I think that I’ve been pretty lucky.  I’ve usually read the signs and known when it’s time to move on or a door has opened and I’ve taken the opportunity.  The times I’ve got comfortable I’ve missed the signs and been made redundant.  Both times I’ve been made redundant have been equally shocking; one day I had a job the next day I didn’t.  As quick as that.


Being made redundant is a strange thing.  I have worked full-time since leaving school.  As much as I loathed the early mornings and commuting I liked the independence it gave me.  Perhaps I liked the routine, I certainly liked the money.  So when that all got taken away I felt abandoned, lost.  I was treading water in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.  I panicked.  I closed the curtains and spent my days in my dressing gown endlessly applying for jobs.  I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 1pm.  I felt guilty for leaving the house and spending the day with friends.  I had panic attacks.  I worried about having enough applications on my job seekers form.  I felt dirty when I left the job centre.  I wasn’t alone.  It was the start of the recession and I was surrounded by affluent people in the same position as me.  All avoiding eyeing up the job advert in Starbucks because we thought it wouldn’t come to that.  With an average of 300+ candidates applying for any given job who was I kidding.  Then, just when I really needed it, a door opened.

Sadly this week, marking the half way point of my pregnancy, I returned from holiday to find out my job was “at risk”.  I closed the curtains again and watched trash TV.  I wondered if I should look for a job or just binge on chocolate, go over my finances or go back to bed.  Then I looked at my ironing pile, the toys strewn across the floor and the kitchen that needed tidying.  I then read this, posted on the day I found out, and I  remembered that as one door closes another opens.

Click on the quote to read the full blog post.

The inspiration for me comes from Sarah herself. This is more than the girl in the cool cardie; this is a woman who can balance motherhood, work,  plan a wedding, find the time to write a blog and start a business with me whilst navigating  the administrative circle of hell that is PayPal.

Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush Bridalwear

This time I picked myself up, but it was my husband, my son and Emma who dusted me off.










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