My Wedding

I’ve been away for a while now thanks to technology and holidays.  What better way to get back into the swing of things than sharing my wedding with you (yes very self indulgent).

While in the throws of wedding planning I got my daily dose of inspiration from Love My Dress.  I’m a big fan of Love My Dress and the way it strikes just the right balance between real weddings, the latest trends and discussion points without being pretentious.  We all know there’s a lot of that in the world of weddings.  I also admire Annabel for juggling a hugely successful wedding blog and a family, though her husband sounds pretty awesome.  So I was very excited when LMD accepted my wedding submission.  It was really a way to say a big thank you to all the suppliers I worked with, mostly great business women (and Chris from Chess Disco), and to hopefully give inspiration to brides and grooms in the planning process.

If you are reading this while hunting for venues and you read the write up on Love my Dress then take note of my wedded words of wisdom on suppliers:

Get to know your suppliers, but most importantly let them get to know you. They are helping make your day what you want it to be. My day wouldn’t have been what it was without my suppliers being totally on the same page as me.

During the year of planning my wedding as I got to know my suppliers I was surprised how many of them had received a bit of a rough ride from the couples they had worked with.  Very much with the attitude of “I’m paying you a lot of money what are you going to give me”.  I can’t see how that is conducive to a good working relationship.  A wedding is a team effort.  All your hard work and organisation is being handed over to them to look after and make a reality.  I like to think I had a good team behind my wedding, in fact a great team.  But it was a team.  Word of mouth is a wonderful thing and you’ll see how much praise I have for them in the post on Love My Dress.

Love My Dress – Maggie Sottero for a Mint Green and Peach Rustic Barn Wedding

 Confetti Shot


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