Rotherwick Village Hall, Hampshire

I know what you’re thinking; that’s not really a Village Hall is it?  It certainly is, and in the words of Rotherwick Village Hall, Hampshire “….is one of the most attractive in the country.”  What makes it even more appealing is for just £850 you have the hall from Friday 1pm to Sunday 11am.  Perfect to get all the set up done.  The cherry on the cake?  It’s in the Hart District of Hampshire (altogether now; ahhhhhh).  It’s a really pretty village so go and have a look….in fact I might have a look and see if there are any houses for sale there!

I wanted to share the history of Rotherwick Village Hall with you because it’s quite a wonderful story.

Many visitors to Rotherwick are intrigued by the size and appearance of this village hall, which was built in 1932 as a memorial to a young American.

During the 1920’s the De Forest family from Long Island, New York, rented Tylney Hall, Rotherwick while the owner, Sir Herbert Cayser, was away in Scotland.  They did this every year for two months for several successive years.

In 1929 the De Forest’s son departed Rotherwick to go on a world cruise.  A short time later his parents were informed the 24 year old had died of a fever.

The De Forest family wrote to the Church Wardens at Rotherwick and expressed the wish, because of the family’s special and personal connection with the village, something useful and permanent should be given to the people of Rotherwick. The letter went on to suggest that a new Village Hall might be considered as a memorial to their son.

A plaque has been placed in the hall and reads:

‘The Rotherwick Village Hall: built in loving memory
of Charles Noyes De Forest 1905 – 1929; the gift of his parents 1932′

Sad but fitting that something so central to a village was built out of love.

Inside Rotherwick Village Hall

Inside Rotherwick Village Hall

How the hall can be transformed (see Summer Real Wedding)

How the hall can be transformed (see Summer Real Wedding)

Outside Rotherwick Village Hall.  Plenty of room for games.

Outside Rotherwick Village Hall. Plenty of room for games.

Get a feel for how your day might be with these real weddings:

Summer – Laura & Mike by Assassynation

Autumn – Shelley & Steve by Taylor & Wolf via Rock My Wedding

Winter – Lil & Brett by Hannah Dornford-May

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Shelley & Steve via Rock My Wedding

Laura & Mike via RocknRoll Bride


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