The Wedding Journey

As I almost come to the end of mine I have been reflecting on the wedding journey.
There are so many great websites, blogs and magazines out there that look at the start and middle of the journey, but none the end. The end for me is not the marrying part, in fact that’s a beginning in itself, but the wrapping up of everything wedding related.

After the wedding you enjoy the morning after; the buzz of texts, phone calls and emails from your guests thanking you for the wonderful day they had. You beam at your new partner in crime, subtly nodding as you both silently say “Yes it really happened.” Then maybe there’s a honeymoon. You return home to open gifts and cards and maybe some champagne (let’s hope so). You’re still beaming at each other! You organise Thank You cards for all your well wishers and suppliers. You start to find a home for all the wedding decoration bits and bobs you bought and wonder what you’ll do with 30 meters of bunting. You eagerly await the arrival of your wedding photos and then the wedding video. Maybe you arrange for your dress or suit to be cleaned. The photos arrive as does the wedding video. You laugh, cry and beam (still) at the best. day . ever. You share it with friends and family and it reignites everyone’s enthusiasm for the food, dress, drink, party! You pack all your wedding cards away and other little memories of the day into a box. You realise you don’t have room for 30 meters of bunting so decide to sell it. You put together boxes of everything you WILL get round to selling. The wedding book/prints you ordered arrive. You hang up some photos. Your dress/suit is back from being cleaned so you pack it away. You file away the wedding DVD and photos. You find homes for the last remaining wedding memories. You look down at your wedding band and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s all done. You then wonder what you’ll do with all this spare time you have……………..

My dress was cleaned and put in a beautiful presentation box by Emily May at Upstage
I will be selling all my wedding decor at Penton Park, Hampshire on Sunday 18th May at the Bridal Boot Sale. Further dates throughout the year.

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